Type 1 Diabetes In Australia

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    Hi all,


    I am moving to Adelaide later in the year from the UK. I have type 1 diabetes controlled by insulin. I have been doing a bit of research on the web about prescriptions, doctors appointments etc and I have read so many different things! I just want to know how does the health system work with regards to insulin (free in the UK) as I know you have to pay for it in Australia? And I have read somewhere that you can get discount from certain pharmacy's if you are a member of Diabetes Australia.


    I will continue to research, but any personal experiences will be a great help!


    Thank you.

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    A friend of mine moved here from the UK. He has had diabetes since his teenage years. A lot of the chemists are registered for the National Diabetes Scheme which means discounted prices. He found the doctors visits to be a bit of a pain with more controls here than the UK. Go to a doctor who bulk bills.


    There's a question on your drivers licence application / transfer form about diabetes too. He has had things under control for over 30 years and resented having to go for an initial and then follow up medicals for the Oz drivers licence.

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