Most Visa Applications Charges to Increase July

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    Visa Application Charges (VACs) will change from 1 July 2015.


    These adjustments include:

    • A price increase in line with inflation (2.3 per cent) on visas which face strong

    international competition or have been impacted by recent price increases.

    o These include specific visas within the Permanent Migration Skill Stream, Skilled

    Graduate, Temporary Long Stay Business (Subclass 457), Visitor and Student

    visa streams.


    •A 5 per cent price increase on visas which continue to see strong demand despite

    previous increases, or are likely to see a sustained volume increase through policy

    changes under consideration.

    o These include specific visas within the Temporary Resident Short Term Business

    and Entertainment visas, Working Holiday visas, Resident Return and Retirement

    Investor visas, and Contributory Parent visa streams.


    •A 10 per cent price increase on specific visas within the Other Family (Remaining

    Relative, Carer and Aged Dependent Relative) visas, and (non-contributory) Parent visa

    streams where the underlying demand is not expected to be impacted by the price



    •An alignment of VAC prices where a differential currently exists for lodging an onshore

    and offshore application for specific visa subclasses.

    Electronic Travel Authorities (ETA), eVisa and Refugee and Humanitarian visas will not be

    affected by these changes. A comprehensive list of VAC price increases is included below.


    Skilled (186/7, 189/190) main applicant $3600, additional adults $1800, children $900

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    Was talking to someone today on a graduate visa looking to apply for her PR once she has enough work experience which will be after July. She has been saving hard but it is a lot of cash for her to raise and remember she would have had international fees to pay too, although her parents have helped with these.


    for larger families it is a significant expense. With no job secured for many it is a bigger decision than ever.

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