Mums and tots? Hallett cove

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    Hi I'm Gemma (28) and myself and husband Paul recently arrived in hallett cove with our 9yr old and 1yr old girls. We do know some people but no one has children! Are there any tots groups close by? I am pining for home and some girly chats...feeling a little isolated! Thanks in advance.


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    I don't do the playgroups and that anymore so am a bit of out of the loop but my SIL goes to some and I've researched those for her.


    There are a couple of playgroups listed in this thread on Hallet Cove.



    Check this thread for Aberfoyle Park as it lists some playgroups too. Its a bit further away and there is Trott Park and Sheidow park in between and they will most likely have some running also -


    Also if you are happy to drive a bit further afield and explore there are options in nearby Aberfoyle Park/Happy Valley way (or the whole 5159 postcode area) and also down in Somerton Park there is the Holdfast Playgroup on Monday and Thursdays from 9:30-11am, 0-5 years. Thats about a 15 minute drive from Hallet Cove in non rush hour. Perhaps a little longer if the lights are against you. I think its on Boundary Road, I can PM you the contact info for it if you like.

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    Kathleen takes our daughter to Coromandel Valley Kindergarten playgroup on Friday mornings I think (15mins away from H.Cove). It only costs $2 per session and Kathleen says there are a few similar aged mums to her (she is 30). Most of the kids are older than our daughter as she is only 4 months old. Feel free to PM us if you want anymore info.




    Craig & Kathleen

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