Meeting friends - down south

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    Hi guys, Im Emma and have been living in Adelaide with my husband and out 3yr old daugter (and a little boy due July) for just over a year now. Have met some lovely people along the way, but as you know takes a while to settle in and its all abit hit and miss. Now we are finally settled in Mclaren Flat and i need to get my butt in gear and hopefully make some good friends.

    Husband works full time but im at home filling time. Although my daughter has alot to say theres only so long you can enjoy conversation with a 3yr old before you crack up :arghh: Obviously a good drink is not on the cards for me at the moment (much to my disappointment having moved to a vine region) but would love to meet up with others to occupy the kids, have lunch and a chat. The drinking can come after :wink: Always open to trying new things. Dont get me wrong im more than happy to meet up with people who dont have kids or maybe older ones. Just not sure if id be the pregnant woman cramping their style hehe.

    So any takers in the area give me a shout and we can arrange to meet up. Id also be interested in any group meets that might be happening.


    Chat soon, Emma

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