Anyone want to catch up?? Girly drinks?? Mixed drinks??!

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    Hi, My name is Shonagh. I am 43. I have been in Oz 2008, I am now a single mum after my ex decided to return to UK!! I am really keen to meet upbwith new people. I have met some great friends but you can never meet enough friends! I live just outside the CBD.

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    Hi Shonagh, I'd love to meet in the city or wherever for drinks. I am Ann, 45 with 2 boys 10 and 5 - live up near Belair but the train makes it easy to get into the city. Been in Oz since 2008 also - first Melbourne then perth now Adelaide. Hubby travels alot for work but when hes here I'm itching to get out and about...pm me if you want to arrange something.


    Cheers, Ann

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