How is everyone going on their job search?

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    Hi guys,


    Just thought I would see how all the new arrivals are going with their job search, especially sparkies and tradies.

    Can't say I'm having too much luck and the agencies are a bit of a waste but I am soldiering on.




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    Hi, Craig is a carpenter and found work within two weeks, but sometimes I think it's down to luck, he got a job with the first person he called, he was given the companies name off a friend, it is a casual position but he has work every day since starting a month ago....good luck everyone

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    When I arrived in Aus some years back, I photo-stat my resume' 50 times then went through the yellow pages for every company that I though might be appropriate. Send out all 50 letters a couple of days later and was in for an interview the day following having received a phone call from a Man. Dir. Got the job and started the following week. From the 50 letters, I only got 2 replies so be patient.


    FWIW, I worked in Quality Control/ Assurance.

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    I know of two new migrants who have "walked into jobs". One is a senior position at the Onkaparinga council and the other is a manager at a real estate company.

    There are jobs that aren't always advertised on the big sites.


    The messenger newspaper has had an ad running for a cabinetmaker...three weeks now. I often see the Messenger papers laying in the driveway of my rental houses and I often throw the wet papers in the bin. I am surprised by how few new migrants bother with this free paper that is chucked onto the front garden of where you live!:biggrin:


    In this weeks paper there are;

    1. Cabinetmaker / installer

    2. Automotive refinisher

    3. Marine mechanic

    4. Landscaping and paving.

    5. labourers.

    6. Cook.

    7. Security officer.

    8. Real estate / property management

    9. Finance officer

    10. Nurse

    11. Medical receptionist

    12. Hairdresser


    No guarantee that you will be successful but maybe another avenue to look at.


    The other areas have their own free papers.

    I also know of a plumber who has been here 7 weeks that has been taken on by a local plumbing company whilst he does his tickets.

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