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Open Slather!

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    Every now and then I'm pleased the males in my family demand Foxtel. Tonight was one of those times...did anyone else watch Open Slather, the new satirical comedy with the guys from Kath and Kim, as well as several other greats?


    It it certainly lived up to its name, particularly with Magda (I'm avoiding her surname as I'm not sure I can spell it, and I'm too lazy to look it up..) and her portrayal of Gina Rinehart. Very brave, particularly considering how litigious The Slug is.


    So, do you think Rinehart will complain? I wouldn't, after all, Magda made her look way more groomed than Rinehart usually looks!


    I'm really looking forward to next week's.


    :cool: LC

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    No Foxtel here but occasionally Aussie TV isn't all bad - I caught Utopia on a repeat last night and even though I'd seen it when it was first aired it still made me laugh.

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