Overseas qualified Accountant needs help

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    Hi Everyone


    I am overseas qualified accountant and new migrant in Adelaide. I am trying to find any accounting role but so far no luck. The major problem is "No local experience".


    I appreciate if some one can help me to find volunteer work for the upcoming busy tax period in any accounting firm. It will help me to gain the local experience.


    Thank you

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    I'm sorry to hear this. The dreaded 'no local experience' is so often wheeled out to new arrivals I don't know what to think of it anymore.


    I'm afraid I don't have any contacts or info in what you ask so can't help there. Hopefully someone might be able to.




    I had a quick look on a volunteering website and found these two positions listed? You could also refine your own search on there and see if you could turn something up? Nothing short term came up. I'm not sure if there are other sites like this in more specialised areas, I'll have a look round and see if I can dig anything up.





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    Are you a member of one of the Australian accounting bodies (CPA, CA etc)? Without this you would struggle to get anything other than a basic finance admin type job anyway. And if you want to work in tax you will need to sit some Australian tax exams, although I can't remember which ones. The local experience thing is a bit of a red herring really. It's just an excuse for employers to not take someone on that is an unknown quantity, or that has overseas references. Small employers seem to be worst for this.


    Have you looked at the University job sites? Flinders Uni were recently looking for a Finance Officer, not sure if the job is still open or if applications have closed yet. The Unis aren't scared of employing people from overseas and they also have some pretty good terms and conditions. Also check out Adelaide Uni and UniSA. I don't think there is anything at UniSA at the moment but new positions come up all the time.

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