Anyone been to the Solomon Islands??

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    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has visited the Solomon Islands?? Hubby is thinking of applying for a job there and wondering what your thoughts are!

    Cheers Carolyn

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    I've never been but read up on it all.


    If the job were a great one, it could be a fab experience for a while but a number of things would concern me living there permanently over visiting as a holiday maker.


    One is that English is a marginal language there it seems. It could mean needing to learn whatever language is used to enable you to get by and join in with the locals and get by in day to day life. Also there is not a big ex pat Aus/NZ/Brit community there and it makes up a very small proportion of the population, which is already small to begin with. Sure there are some, but as to if they are going to be where you would be living and working and all that who knows, and if you'd find it a good community to mix in, again, an unknown.


    Also things like the health care system would concern me. Its not first world standards from what I can read. Same with the education system which could mean you looking to an international school or some such which would be fee paying. And the political landscape seems pretty fragile as does the law and legal system in places.


    It would not be living a life as you know it now, in an English speaking first world country, thats for sure. If it were for a year or so it could be an amazing experience and offer some wonderful things to see and do but longer term, I'd have to give serious consideration to many other factors.


    If you are really self sufficient in terms of coping on your own and up for living in a country far removed from Aus or the UK in so many ways it could be for you guys.


    Personally, if I was single and in my 20's or early 30's, I'd jump at the chance for a year or two, go embrace a new language or three and all that. But if I was married, had a family, I'd really have to consider if it was worth it for all of us in terms of what we would gain or lose and if I could live with it all or put my kids through it. If it was a short term thing, 6 months or a year it would be something to consider carefully but at this point in life, we'd probably let the opportunity pass us by.


    ETA - If it was just hubby going for a contract job and you feel happy being here with the kids while he goes for however long it is at a time, its more than workable if he is happy to give it a try. Far less unheaval or stress and it could be a great place to go on holiday and visit him :)

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    Thank you so much for your reply, it would be a 2 year contract. My hubby teaches carpentry at Tafe and last year he was sent to Tarawa for 10 weeks with Oz Aid to make sure the teaches over there were teaching to Oz standards as the Island is sinking and when the time comes they can leave with a trade...

    So Oz Aid have asked hubby if he would be interested in starting this scheme from scratch on the Solomon Islands! If it was just me and him I would jump at the chance but with having 2 kids there is a lot to think about!!

    Hubby is going to apply and see what the package would be and then make our minds up!

    I just don't want to waste an opportunity of a life time!!

    Lots of research to do I think.


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    What an exciting offer!


    I have no advice to offer (sorry), I simply wanted to gush a bit, then wish you well with your deliberations!


    :wubclub: LC

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