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aberfoyle park

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    I think Aberfoyle Park is absolutely fine, I live not to far away from it in Happy Valley, it's got a shopping centre, sports facilities, not great for transport links but a drive to City would take around 1 hour in peak and about half of that otherwise.


    We had a client buy there once and call us just before moving in with concerns as her Son had been told by school friends that it is nicknamed Staberfoyle Park, lol.....anyhow that was years ago and I believe they are very happy with the area.

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    Aberfoyle Park is overall a good suburb IMHO. Has a few shabbier looking parts to it but overall its good. Any of the adjoining suburbs would be good too. Happy Valley, Flagstaff Hill and Coromandel Valley.


    As said there is the Hub for shopping, PO, library, doctors (bulk billing and very nice team there), vets, servo and other things. Also the high school is near the Hub, along with the Happy Valley oval for sports like Aus rules, cricket, tennis and other things. O and a sports centre/hall place too.


    Thalassa park nearby is lovely. You can walk through it to get to the schools etc. Its on a hill with some level areas. Nice play areas, green space, toilets, dog walking (again, bit hilly throughout). You are also not too far from the dog park and Minkarra park trails but it would probably be a car ride not a walking distance type thing.

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