does anyone work in Aged Care pls??

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    Just wandered if anyone worked in Aged Care?,, I am considering care work poss.. in UK,, and then trying to find work in this in Adelaide,,,

    Can anyone throw any light on this pls,,, ,, eg how have u found trying to gain work in this area pls,,,,, have the wages been ok pls,, many thanks indeed,,, Prob looking in Marion/Brighton/Aldinga area,,,

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    Aged care is one of my job. Ideally you are going to need to do a cert 3 in aged care when you arrive as most companies want it some state you must have plus you csn sometimes find work during the work experience, you can use skills for all to help with the the funding makes it quite reasonable Most of the work is causal so some weeks good some not so good. It's a growing industry especially with the recent consumer directed care for home support.


    Pm if you want further specific details I am more than happy to tell you my experience etc of the industry

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