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Meet ups: Fri 10th July CBD & Sun 12th July Glenelg

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Hello Ladies and Gents,

After the wonderful success of our meet up last Friday (19th June) at BSS. We've decided to arrange a couple more.


It was wonderful to meet so many nice people the other night. Thank you all for coming, and for bringing your partners/ friends.

The next two will be as follows (providing you lovely people are interested).

One on Friday 10th July from 7pm onwards in Adelaide CBD (open to suggestions of where), and another, long lunch from 12pm onwards on Sunday 12th July in Glenelg at The Moseley Hotel.

As always there is no charge for any of this (you just purchase your own food and drinks). It's always a great chance to meet new people and have a bit of a laugh.

It's open to anyone (Friday night is over 18s only as it will be in a pub), Sunday is open to people of all ages, and you don't have to be a POM - any and all nationalities welcome.

Please register your interest for either event below, and feel free to invite others.

Please also suggest a pub where we can meet on the Friday evening.

I'll set up separate events pages for each event (you can come to both if you like).

With the Sunday meal I will be asking for "firm" confirmations closer to the time so that I can book us a table.

Looking forward to it!!

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Hello Everyone,

Looks like the agreed meeting place this Friday 10th July is Madame Hanoi​ Bar & Restaurant in the Adelaide Casino on North Terrace in the CBD (practically on top of the train station). Official meeting time is 7pm, but a few of us will be there from 6.15pm.

As always there is no charge (just buy your own drinks and food). We don't have a table booked as yet, but they do have tables available from 8.30pm if anyone fancies some food.

Since it's in the Casino, it may be a good idea to ensure that you have photo ID on you and that you check out their dress code - it actually seems quite chilled but states as follows:

Dress code

The following will not be permitted at Adelaide Casino:

Torn clothes

Gang patches or other insignia

Dirty clothes or footwear

Clothing featuring offensive language or imagery

As always: if there are any newbies who are a little shy or just don't fancy walking in on their own then feel free to PM me and I'll be more than happy to meet you outside and walk in with you :smile:


For those of you who are interested, we have set up a Facebook page which can be found here: Link removed as event now passed


For those that aren't keen on Facebook then feel free to PM me (on here or on Facebook), or ask any questions on this thread.

As always: everyone and anyone (over the age of 18) is very welcome: all nationalities, backgrounds and cultures - the more the merrier!


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Link removed as event now passed

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Hi Karen


Are you thinking of doing more of these? I'm moving to Adelaide in September and it would be great to meet some new people.




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Hey Guys,

I've only just read your comments.

I'll organise a meet up for two week's time in the CBD....details on this message board shortly :-)

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