Maxi Cosi car seat recall

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    Just in case anyone is using either of these Maxi Cosi car seats, they are bring recalled, one due to safety concerns and the other for not having certification so therefore being sold illegally.


    Seats in question are the A2 and A4. Link below.


    Top Stories: Thousands of child car seats taken off shelves over safety concerns

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    To be really honest I doubt that many people will know what type of seat that they have. You buy it, install it and forget about it. I have 6 seats in my KIA van. I don't know if any of them are the above (but am going to check...thanks).

    I bought seats for my daughter and two sons (they know that they can get away with safety purchases because of our emergency services background!) but I also don't recall the brand.


    There are plenty of recalls at the moment. Washing machines, heaters, car seats etc. There's a web site I heard about that has the recalls on it.(anyone heard of it.?)..might be a useful sticky...many people buy second hand goods or may be sitting with dangerous products in the home...and how many people see the one off ads in the newspaper advising of the recall?

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