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Tamara (Homes Down Under)

What's with the fuel price?

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Why is petrol $1.49 per litre?

I know that the price is slightly cheaper at other locations (and I don't have a Costco near me...yet) but come on...what a rip off.


It was only ever this price when oil was over $100 a barrel. Yep, our currency has devalued but oil is 40% cheaper and we are getting ripped off at these prices!


On the same line...why do we have a fuel price change every week?

Cheap Tuesdays, expensive weekends (or it used to be). Why, why why??? I have been here over 8 years and I don't get it. Heard that it was the weekly spot price of crude in Singapore?


Before I moved here I was used to the fuel price changing once a month. They either under or over recovered on the price and everything balanced itself out over time.


Bring on a fuel discounter with some clout...

(Finished moaning....:smile:)


Or maybe not...comments?

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I'm with you on this - last Friday I dropped the children at a Minecraft "thing" at the library and noticed fuel was $1.33 and thought I'd fill up when I went back to collect them but then I didn't go back for them (reminds me I really should go and fetch them - thought it'd been quiet here this week :wink:) and when I went into town on Saturday morning it had gone up to $1.49! so I still haven't put any in.


I don't get it either; it's not like the fuel in the tanks in the garage actually went up in price overnight so I just don't know how they justify a rise of so much in less than 12 hours.

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It appears Costco Kilburn (Churchill Road)is the cheapest....$1.25 per litre!


We don't have a Costco this side of the world right now...

I read today that the price will be going down to the mid $1.20's by mid week....with the discounts that will mean a price of around $1.15. That's more like it:smile:

I still don't get why we don't have a standard price instead of a fluctuating one?

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Still watching this - last Friday I filled up in Mount Barker for 1.25 and have yet to see it that low anywhere down here and we've been up and down to the City every day for the last 5 days; $1.29's the lowest I've seen it.

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