What did/do you expect from Adelaide/Australia

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    For me my expectations were fairly low (I'm that kind of person). My OH is from Adelaide and we had been on holiday seven times before moving so I was already reasonably family with what the place is like. I was expecting to have less disposable income than in the UK, the summers to be hot and the winters to be cold (especially inside) and I've not been disappointed :wacko:. I didn't really have too many other expectations.


    Before we moved my OH kept saying things like when we are in Australia X will be better and I would remind him that our kids and us would still be the same people with the same personalities and we wouldn't magically become the equivalent of the Waltons just because we moved countries. I did expect my OH to no longer suffer from SAD and fortunately that does seem to be gone.

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    I expected to be safe.

    I expected a future for my children.

    I expected a similar type of lifestyle (I moved from a country with a similar climate).

    I expected that my OH would abandon his career of 25 years. (the stress was killing him)

    I expected a slower pace of life.

    I wanted to live in a first world country with first world standards and people.


    All of the above were realised.:smile:

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    I'm not sure what I expected but I knew it was going to be the same but different - it's a country where they speak the same language and is heavily influenced by it's colonial past but it's also on the other side of the world so it was bound to be different. Plus all my pre-conceptions were formed by watching The Sullivans, Neighbours and reading The Thorn Birds - I knew what I was coming too :biglaugh:


    I haven't been disappointed either.

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