Is there a returning to the UK section on this forum?

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    We are considering the move back to the UK. There's no work here. We have been in Australia for 15 years so its not a decision we are making lightly. My employer want me in the UK so am considering a relocation package.

    is there a section on this forum dedicated to helping people return?

    What do I need to do with regard to tax, NI etc?

    i have re-applied for my UK passport so I will have both Aussie and UK one to travel on.

    thanks in advance.

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    We don't have a moving back to the UK section on this forum although you can still ask the questions and see if anyone can help. Or you could have a look at the moving back to th UK section of Poms in Oz. Be aware though that a lot of that forum is focused on emotional help rather than practical, although there is practical help on there as well.


    I personally can't really help as I have not moved back to the UK but I hope things go well whatever you decide to do.

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    You can also search the forum using the "advanced search" feature and search for posts titled "returning to the UK" are some that I found...

    Be aware that some are a few years old though so check the date on them...


    About shipping costs:

    About tax:


    And here is the PomsInOz message board that NicF mentioned:

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