HC License with less than a years South Australian licence.... (HC Tile)

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    Hi All,


    My partner has help a south australian licence for less than a year but a UK one for over 20 years. He is currently doing his two day HC Tile course and they are saying you have to have a South Australian Licence for 2 years to get a learners permit. However, we have researched this and have found it stipulates a Class C for 2 years and doesnt mention south australian (they are now saying he may get issued with one or may not depends on what they check at services SA!). I know the UK class C licence is deemed to be the equivalent as a south australian C class. He is due to apply for his learners permit tommorow and now were stressing! I know there have been previous threads on this before anyone says but its slightly different as he is just on a class C. Can anyone shed some light please on this? Here is one of the sites I have researched from....




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    Has your hubby held the equivalent HC driving licence back in the UK?


    Maybe if he is able to give proof/track record of being a truck driver before overseas he may could ask for an exception though I'm not sure if that's possible. Or maybe he can appeal against any negative decision to come by the State Government, department of transport & infrastructure.


    Actually the people running this course should be able to tell beforehand somebody's starting a course but hey * sarcasm on:'Welcome to Australia!' *sarcasm off where you often get wrong, insufficient and misleading information. We found out the hard way with other issues as well!

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