Arriving Jan 2016 from South Africa

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    Morning from a wintry South Africa,


    As per the title we will be arriving in Jan 2016, 15th to be exact.


    We have started to put our feelers out there for accommodation and have been offered place (sharing) to stay at friends from South Africa who arrived in April this year. We are planning to enrol our kids (twins aged 8) in Hallett Cove East primary school, and will be looking to take over a lease or just in the line like the rest of the people to get a rental.


    Although we have a place to stay (sharing), we are hoping to maybe do some housesitting for the first couple of weeks until we get a rental and our container arrives. We are also willing to pay for accommodation the first few weeks if someone has a double story house and maybe do not need one of the floors??or a granny flat??


    I have posted on the rental/accommodation section as well.


    Will also look to buy a car, $4000-5000, so please keep in mind.


    Otherwise, we are looking forward and are super exited to embark on this adventure.


    PS Bought tickets this morning, thus no way going back now

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    Good luck with the next few months, hope it all goes smoothly for you.


    Just bear in mind that January is the middle of the summer holidays so short-term rentals maybe scarce - however it maybe a good time for the house sitting - we did house sitting when we first arrived and had around 6 weeks of accommodation in two houses (north and south so we got a real feel for both ends).


    Again your arrival date will mean that your children won't be able to start at school until the new school year begins at the end of January, so they'll have a few weeks to arrive and explore their new surroundings.

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