487 to 887. Urgent help please!!!

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    Hi everyone, Im a newbie here posting this to seek for support from senior members...


    I lodged my application on 15 June 2015 through an agent, from 487 to 887. Provided:

    - 2 years: bank statement, phone bill

    - Employment: contracts, payslips

    - Qualification, birth cert, AFP, Overseas PCC


    CO allocated on Wed 29 July and they requested for additional docs:latest photo (done easily), proof of 2 years residence and Overseas PCC. I explained to my agent everything but they dont seem to be very helpful (communication so far via phone and email due to work schedule - they helped me with 487 in 2012). Problems are as follows:

    - 2 years: I have been living with my family so there is no lease agreement. Agent suggested stat dec from my bro (Aus citizen) as I only pay my mobile phone bill (already submitted). Im waiting for latest statement from Superannuation and credit card to send. I read somewhere in this thread saying bank statement is sufficient and I already provided saving account statement. I can get statement for Everyday account to show pay transferred which matches info shown on payslips (I read somewhere on this thread). That's all i could get but my agent was persistent to say stat dec from my brother (home owner) would be better. While it could be done easily, I hesitate due to family affair and I haven't been on good terms with him despite living together in the same house.

    ---> Do you think I should follow what my agent told me or statement for Super, Credit card and Everyday account (different companies) would suffice 2 year requirement?


    - Overseas PCC: my dad got OPCC for me in Dec 2012, my 487 granted Mar 2013 (just a few days after my trip to Vietnam Feb 2013 and Singapore Mar 2013). Upon applying 887, I submitted this OPCC then AFP (latest one) as per the agent's advice. I dont know if CO missed out my OPCC as it was attached together with birth cert. It just doesn't make sense as OPCC provided proves no criminal record in home country from birth til 487 was granted. From then onwards I only went back once urgently for 3 weeks as my dad had a stroke and was admitted to the hospital so most of the time I have been in designated area therefor latest AFP should be enough.

    I already explained to my agent I will not be able to provide latest OPCC within 28 days as my parents are currently in Aus (return Nov 2015) and Vietnam's law stated clearly friend/relatives is not allowed to apply for OPCC on my behalf. Despite all these, my agent said I must provide documentary evidence to show genuine attempt.

    ---> My question is how to prove in documentary evidence? Should I email in English or Vietnamese? Even so the Department of Justice only has online form but not an official email which I can keep as proof.


    - Form 80 will be sent to Lawyer early next week. (the agent didn't inform it is important to upload asap, perhaps it would have helped a lot if CO can check from the start)

    ---> Should I wait until I get more docs (2 years, OPCC etc) to send all at once or upload whatever I can obtain asap?


    Sorry for such long post but Im so frustrated and stressed out. I have been in Australia since 2008 to study, got 485 and 487 shortly. I thought my documents and profile is clean and clear enough (only moved house once) but rather they just had a quick peek into my application and demanded for more docs. I feel like being treated as a criminal. I also paid a lot for the agent to help me but now Im going through so much stress and everything is just so messed up. That said, I really appreciate if anyone could shed some light...

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