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    Hi everyone,


    As some of you may know, the English football season starts tomorrow (already i hear some of you cry!!!) and I have set up a private league on the official Barclays Fantasy football.


    So apologies for the short notice as I've only just this minute joined Poms in Adelaide, but if there is anyone out there that happens to read this, please feel free to join in, its completely free and only takes a few moments to set up.


    This is the weblink for the website - http://fantasy.premierleague.com/


    The private league is called E.P.L International Fantasy and the code is 673708 - 167580


    The league already has some of my ex work colleagues and friends in from England but the more the merrier!


    Any queries please PM me.


    FYI - Leicester City and Arsenal Fan :)

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    I've just joined your league as I've been setting up a team with my mates back home today too. You should see Glenelg United pop up at some point! When you get access to my team you'll see my devotion to my beloved Newcastle United, with only 2 bargain basement players begrudgingly picked. Are you guys watching any matches tomorrow night?


    I saw your other post too and if you're keen to meet up let me know. I've only just moved from Canberra to Adelaide last week so pretty keen to meet some people here.

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    Hi Andy


    Thanks for the response and yes I've noticed Glenelg Utd pop up in the league :-) nice one ! Bet you've gone with your new number 9 in the squad !! 😉 shame I can't pick 5 gooners in midfield


    I've set my foxtel to record nearly every match but may try watch the early kick off game!


    Will PM you about meeting up

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