Any household items wanted!

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    There is a local facebook site where they buysellswapgiveaway in the South!

    You might pick up some real bargains at the local garage sales...they are listed in the local Messenger...that wet newspaper laying in the driveway!:smile:

    I think that there was a thread on here from Bev...they are having to return to the UK for a while. They were selling a lounge suite but likely have lots of things...and they are your neighbours in Port Noarlunga South.

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    Seconded for local garage sales :) Just check the local paper or even pop out for a drive on Sat and Sunday mornings from about 8am and go see who has signs out. Gumtree can be handy if you keep an eye on new ads listed and are quick to get in touch. Also don't be afraid to haggle at garage sales and stuff.


    I'd also hit Ikea for cheap kitchenware. You can buy plates for 50c! Also places like Target, Kmart and the like can be handy for that stuff on the cheap.


    Are you waiting for a container and only needing stuff to see you through till it arrives or are you wanting stuff for the long term?

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    Thanks everyone for getting back to me :)


    Thanks Tamara, I have joined the Facebook group :)

    I have found a car boot at Christies beach on a Sunday so I will be popping there Sunday :)


    Snifter - a bit of both some stuff just to get us by but at the same time I am a believer in buying quality for a bit more money lasts longer lol. I went to k mart today!! Loved it and got lots of stuff!!


    Sally - I don't need any chairs but thank you v much for the thought :)


    I'm also constantly hunting gumtree and think I may have found a sofa and a TV stand!! Yey!!

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