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Tamara (Homes Down Under)

Join you local scouts!

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My eldest grandson is a member of the Port Noarlunga scouts.

They are going on an outing tomorrow. A train trip from Seaford to the city followed by a visit to the maritime museum and then a dolphin cruise. Sounds like a lot of fun! :smile:


The attached article indicates that some scout groups are experiencing increased numbers which is a good thing...kids need to be active! Scouts are not just for boys!


If your child is interested in scouts their contact details are:




Scouts popular with parents wanting their children to get off iPads and get outside


June 11, 2015 2:47pm

Michael Milnes, David PenroseSouthern Times Messenger

e8e00cbc13148f65b8f381afb887b87e?width=650Hallett Cove Scouts (from left) Katie Springfield, 13, Rachel Roach, 14, Kai Johansen, 10, Tom Studholme, 14, and Alexandra Adcroft, 14. Picture: Campbell BrodieSCOUT numbers are on the rise because more parents want their children to experience the outdoor lifestyle they did growing up.

The number of children joining the Hallett Cove Scout Group has risen from about 60 to 100 in the past 12 months, troop leader Les Fry said.

“Parents want to try and get their children away from the electronic devices,” Mr Fry said.


“Which is something we never had as children.”






He said another reason for the increase in numbers was Scouts could be more affordable than other sports.


“It lets children who may not be fantastic at certain sports just go out and have fun and learn new skills.”

He said the Scouts still did traditional activities such as learning how to tie knots, as well as more adventurous pursuits such as caving and camping.

Hallett Cove Scout leader John Sharp, 40, said his daughters, Adelaide, 10, and Catherine, 7, enjoyed being part of the movement.

“I wanted them to experience a lot of the things like hiking and camping I have done in the nearly 30 years I have been involved in Scouts,” he said.

“A lot of parents aged around 30 to 40 want their children to have the fun they had or could not have.

“And the Scout law has a good set of values to try and aspire to live by.”


Blackwood Scout’s group leader Craig Johnston said the foothills had always had high participation levels.


He said the numbers of scouts at Blackwood, one of SA’s largest groups, had risen about eight per cent over the past 12 months, to more than 170 members.

“The programs are really strong, and from our perspective we are probably known as one of the more active groups,” Mr Johnston said.

“We do lots and lots of outdoor activities.”

He said Scouts gave children an opportunity to “get out there”.

“If you don’t stretch kids they won’t learn, and what we are finding is the kids are enjoying being stretched and doing things they are not allowed to do at school,” he said.

“They feel as if it is something they have never done before — and that’s attractive and they get a fair bit of achievement out of that.”


Scouts SA publicity officer Steve Hastwell said the number of children joining the organisation in the past 12 months was up about 7 per cent to nearly 5200.


“Parents are looking for those experiences for their children in a safe environment,” Mr Hastwell said.

“Scouts is all about responsible risk taking and providing opportunity for learning by doing, under the supervision of trained leaders.”

He said parents also wanted their children to have a passion for the environment.

“There is a community push for our children to experience our environment and Scouts gives them that sort of variety all the time.

“It gives children problem solving and life skills, working as a team and supporting your mate, working through whatever challenges there might be.”

He said the number of girls joining Scouts was on the rise, with more Scout groups in South Australia than Girl Guide groups.

“If parents have a boy and girl they sometimes choose to send both to Scouts.”


The Hallett Cove Scout Group is fundraising to install heating in its clubhouse.

To support the group you can buy a ticket in the People’s Choice Community Lottery.

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Yup, all my three are in the above group (although not that photo). We have a joey, a cub and a scout - great outings, opportunities and an excellent club for the non-sporting also

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We are thinking about this for our son. Thing is, with the warmer months coming up we'll be busy with swimming, cricket, tennis and BMX'ing. Plus all the other day to day life stuff, not sure he is going to miss if we don't sign him up for another year.

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I now have two grandchildren attending the local Port Noarlunga scounts.

There are groups throughout Adelaide and meetings occur on different nights. My eldest grandson has a growing collection of badges (that get attached by Dimitri in Beach Road Christies!) on a regular basis.

For any new arrivals or for families that are here with scout age group children..it's still a great social skills building experience and loads of fun!

Here are the groups with my council region (Onkaparinga):but you can find your local groups on the scouts web site.


Contact Scout HQ for Group contact details.


Aberfoyle Park Scout Group

Happy Valley Oval Complex
Taylors Road West
Aberfoyle Park SA 5159

Aldinga Bay Scout Group

John Street
Aldinga Beach SA 5173

Flagstaff Hill Scout Group

161 Black Road
Flagstaff Hill SA 5159

Hackham Scout Group

Roberts Road
Hackham West SA 5163

Happy Valley Scout Group

Candy Road
Happy Valley SA 5159

Morphett Vale Scout Group

Jennifer Drive
Morphett Vale SA 5162

Pt Noarlunga Sea Scout Group

WM Hunt Park,  River Road
Port Noarlunga SA 5167

Reynella Scout Group

Market Street
Reynella SA 5161

Seaford Meadows Scout Group

Railway Road
Old Noarlunga SA 5168

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Having done guides and brownies in the UK for a long time and in the process of joining girl guides Australia I very much agree guides or scouts is a great way for new arrivals to meet people and get away from the "screens". I've been in SA less than 2 weeks and I have already been given more activities and date for my diary of guiding events than I know what to do with. I would truly recommend it.

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It's true?

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