South Australia - State Sponsorship occupations that have met planning levels

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    South Australia state sponsorship - occupations that have now met planning levels for 2015-16


    The following occupations have met their planning level and special conditions apply (List current as of 14/08/2015)

    • ICT Project Manager

    • ICT Managers nec

    • Cafe or Restaurant Manager

    • Call or Contact Centre Manager

    • Customer Service Manager

    • Financial Institution Branch Manager

    • Training and Development Professional

    • Electrical Engineer

    • Industrial Engineer

    • Mechanical Engineer

    • Production or Plant Engineer

    • ICT Business Analyst

    • Systems Analyst

    • Software Engineer

    • Software Tester

    • Database Administrator

    • ICT Security Specialist

    • Systems Administrator

    • Computer Network and Systems Engineer

    • ICT Quality Assurance Engineer

    • ICT Support Engineer

    • ICT Systems Test Engineer

    • Telecommunications Engineer

    • Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson




    Human Resource Advisor and Marketing Specialist (on the Supplementary Skilled List) are close to meeting the quota for high points nomination.



    There are still many occupations with high nomination places left, for example Motor Mechanic, Physiotherapist or Developer Programmer, Electrician and Finance Manager.






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    I have a question regarding this occupation planning level, hopefully anyone can give me an insight..


    When I applied and submitted my application for SA state nomination the status showed "Low Availability" for my nominated skill occupation (7/12) and about 2 weeks later (18/12) while still waiting for the decision the status has changed to "Special Conditions applied".


    It's only been 2 weeks and the average processing times on their website is 4 weeks so If I haven't heard anything back from them would that mean I'm not successful of getting a nomination since the status has changed to "Special Conditions applied"? or do I need to wait until SA informs their final decision on my application?


    Anyone who has been on the same boat or has any advice would be greatly appreciated :)



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