Belair national park

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    Sent a lovely afternoon there today. BBQ with a group of hubby's old school friend and their families. We parked at the golf course just down the road from the main entrance to save on the $12 parking fee if you use the national park car parks in there.


    Easy access then through a gate into the park. Lots of trails to be walked/cycled. Plenty of BBQ's around, mostly covered. Then of course picnic tables and green spaces for picnic blankets. Nearby where we were were lots of tennis courts, basketball court and toilets.


    Nice thing I didn't know as I thought dogs were banned from national parks is that dogs can be taken in but have to be kept on a lead, not a problem for us as ours is kept on an extending lead when out in places like that as he is small and likes to runoff into undergrowth and we don't take any chances with the wildlife. For them or him :cute: plus he gets lots of off leash time in our usual haunts so is not hard done by.


    Anyways, would recommend paying a visit if you want a nice afternoon in amongst a lovely gum tree forest, trails to wander and the wild life. Think it'd be good to visit while it's still green and not too dry or hot. And at the moment because of the rain we've had the little creeks running through still have water in them which is lovely to see.

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