Rugby world cup

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    Hi everyone. The rugby World Cup is almost upon us. As Australia is in England's group we have an important match to watch. Unfortunately it's on a Sunday morning at 5am lol. Where are we going to watch this? With a big crowd etc? And some beer lol. I'd hate to miss this lol. We're in the North but doesn't matter where as long as the crowd is there. Suggestions please 🏉🏉🍻🍺

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    I'd check round some of the main sports bars and stuff and see if they are showing it. If its a world cup event you would hope they would air it somewhere in the city at least.


    For us, its what Foxtel was intended for :cute: Hubby got it mainly for the footy (AFL), the Ashes (and other cricket), cycling and anything else sport related so long as its not soccer :biggrin:Me, top of my list was for RU and the RWC. Its been great for AFL and other sports I like to follow too.

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