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Do you have a signature scent ?

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So do you stick to a particular perfume or after shave or do you play around with scents.


I currently have 8 bottles on the go from Calvin Klien to Channel and it depends on the occasion or time of day which I choose as well as my mood.


Hubby has 4 on the go at the moment but usually has more, he will stock up at duty free as we are away next week.


I limit myself to two on holidays!

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That's funny - I was thinking about this the other day (I was reading a book and the grandma in it always wore no5) and I'd love to have a signature scent but a few weeks ago I could smell something all day and was trying to work out what it was (it wasn't unpleasant just different) and finally realised it was my new deodorant; that's how good at scents I am!


The last bottle of perfume I owned I bought for my wedding over 14 years ago - we didn't bring it with us when we moved out here.

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I don't wear spray perfumes as no matter how much I love them, they set me off sneezing.

If I remember I wear a jasmine solid perfume.

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