Meet up - Friday 2nd October 2015, The Gallery, Adelaide CBD

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    Hello Everyone,


    The plan is to meet up and make some new friends on Friday 2nd October from 7pm onwards in Adelaide CBD at The Gallery Rooftop Bar which can be found just off Waymouth St.


    As always there is no charge for any of this, you just purchase your own food and drinks (the venue is free to get into). It's always a great chance to meet new people and have a bit of a laugh.


    It's open to anyone who is 18 or over.


    Please register your interest for the event below, and feel free to invite others.


    The bar does not take bookings for Friday nights so we will have to find a table when we get there.


    They have a great menu which can be found here: http://www.galleryadelaide.com.au/pdf/food.pdf


    To find the Gallery bar, walk down Cordwainers Lane (just off Waymouth Street) and you will see the entrance on your right (a big glass door). Take the stair or the lift up to the top floor.


    If there are any newbies who are a little shy or just don't fancy walking in on their own then feel free to PM me and I'll be more than happy to meet you outside and walk in with you.


    We have set up a Facebook event which can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/740953639342659/


    For those that aren't keen on Facebook then feel free to PM me (on here or on Facebook), or ask any questions on this thread.


    Everyone and anyone (over the age of 18) is very welcome: all nationalities, backgrounds and cultures - the more the merrier!




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    Hi Karen,


    The FB link I am happy to leave till the event is passed but just to let you know it doesn't work for me if I click on it. I get an error message. You usually make it a visible page to all with a FB account iirc.

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    Well that was clever of me!! I managed to make it a 'private' event instead of a 'public' one!!

    Sorry about this people.

    If you would like to come and you use Facebook then just PM your user name and I will add you - if you aren't a Facebook fan then just PM me and I will make a note of it - or you can just show up on the night and introduce yourself - no worries at all!

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