Long weekend

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    Had a lovely weekend. In fact, a lovely week as hubby took the week off and so the 3 of us were out and about together.


    The footy final was of course the theme of the day all day Saturday. From breakfast to bedtime pretty much :confused: You can spot I live with an Aussie :biggrin: Still, was fun and while the game was a bit one sided, it was enjoyable to embrace an Aussie sporting tradition. I am really loving footy anyways but lots of the history and so on eludes me, hubby on the other hand knows stats, dates, who won what when and things I will never learn :tongue:


    The warm weather has been an added bonus. Caved and put air con on about 6pm this evening as the house had warmed up a bit too much and that hot wind doesn't seem to want to let up just yet:cute:


    Its been out with the lemon lime bitters, BBQ for dinner for a few nights and down the beach early this morning. It was really windy so after a couple of hours we headed for our favourite gelati haunt and scoffed.


    Anyone else?

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    Saturday and Sunday were pretty much weekend as normal for us but today we went down to Horseshoe Bay. The idea was to go for the day but we didn't get out the house as quickly as I wanted and it started to get really hot so we only stayed for just over a couple of hours. Bit of a long trip for a couple of hours but we love the beach for the waves and the space. I think we might try somewhere a bit closer next time though. Still haven't put the aircon on yet. Might have a blast soon to cool the place before the kids go to bed.

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