This time 2 years ago (GMT 8pm not Aus 8pm though :P)...

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    we were sat in T3 at Heathrow waiting for our flight to Singapore.


    Time has just flown. We arrived in Adelaide on Oct 11th around 9am, knackered and I was in dire need of an orange juice to help my sugar levels and keep me going till we could get back to my MIL's house and conk out at some point. We had about a gazillion family members waiting for us at Adelaide airport waving a big sign, cheering and hollering, hugs and much excitement.


    If anyone has read other updates they'll know we bought a house 7 months in after living in Glenelg in those early months. We've been in our house about 18 months almost now and love it. Stunning area, open fields and hills 100m from our door more or less. Lots of gum trees, green spaces and very happy in our little corner of Adelaide. I am a country girl far more than a coastal (I lived quite a few years on the English coast in Devon but it was never 'home' nor did the Adelaide coastline appeal to live). I love I can head up the rest of the hill and within 2 minutes be in the peace and quiet and on open roads scooting down to MaClaren Vale, into the hills, heading to Stirling, Mylor and other little places. And 30 minutes into the city or thereabouts. Train within an easy distance too in Coromandel Valley/Blackwood if we want to take that in.


    A few hiccups along the way, not always been a bed of roses but we've never felt we didn't want to be here or missed the UK in the least. Our son settled so well and has grown into a proper little Aussie, loves his AFL, cricket and more. He sounds rather Australian now too.


    Work has been good for hubby, a bit hit and miss for me but as I am being rather picky on hours and distance, I don't really complain much about it. I'd like a bit more work but I don't want anti social hours or weekends and prefer either a couple of full days or something in school hours. Still, I am at least working a bit so thats fine.


    We have a dog too now. We found a lovely small rescue and brought him home to join our family in mid December last year. He's a real joy and a great addition. Loves his walks and thinks every tennis ball he meets is his :cute::rolleyes:


    Husband plans to play footy (AFL) again next year. Last time he played was before he moved to England in 2005 so it will be interesting I am sure :biggrin:


    Some things bug/irk or downright annoy the crap out of me here. But nothing is a deal breaker or adds up to making any real impact on our overall quality or enjoyment of life here. The crappy driving, tailgating and so on is my biggest bug bear. Others are the suppposed supermarket deals that are not deals when you read the small print, or even the large print :dull:, the fuel price cycle, the cost of medication (cor the NHS set one price for all is much missed) and also a few other things. But as I said, nothing is really that big an issue. We had grumbles in England too.


    Found out lots of handy tips for deals, where to shop and when etc that makes housekeeping and shopping in general a bit better. Still miss decent online shopping and don't hold out much hope Aus will really catch up. Also finally got on top of the kids activities, deals, clubs that run in the hols, sports events, playparks and the like. I'm a woman on a mission in the school hols. My son did the Central Market trail this morning and ate the treasure from it for his lunch and then headed to the Superhero circus academy at Westminster this afternoon. I feel a lot more positive about the 7 week summer hols coming up now I've nailed the kids activities thing a bit better (should do after 2 years here lol).


    Still love the wildlife, so very lucky to see so much of it around here. That includs giant centipedes like this one I found in a plant pot this morning :shocked: (was a good 15cm long and could really move fast)




    And there you go. Sure there are heaps of other things but I'm about to go watch a movie with the family :)

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    Love the updates but can we have a bit less of the creepy crawlys please. Not what I want to be faced with when havimg breakfast. Or at any other time either.

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    Hehe, yeah must admit the photo is a big big. I did resize it but blimey, almost actual size sort of thing :wideeyed:


    I have pictures of house geckos instead if that helps :cute: They eat the creey crawlies.

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    We had one of those too! Massive!!


    Yeah, I was quite taken aback by it. I've seen lots of the smaller ones of course but this bad boy running round I wasn't expecting.


    The other night I got home and sat down on the sofa. I felt something in my hair moving and having come in from outside thought it was a moth or something. So I brushed my hand through, felt something run, brushed again and OMG a blooming cockroach fell onto my lap then scarpered at speed across the floor :eek:. Hubby had to go on a mission of catch and kill.


    My biggest loathing are rats. I've never been a fan but being a rural type I've gotten used to them but I still don't like them (having had one run up my leg before now, just about had them topping my loathing list forever). Spiders I have never liked but can cope so long as they are outdoors and slower moving. Fast and in the house, ewwww. However, since moving here, I'm slowly learning to love the Huntsman, its none biteiness but defo not its speed :shocked:. Though its not easy I find the slower moving (and slightly more toxic ones) easier to deal with somehow.


    But cockroaches, I forgot how much I hated them. I spent a summer in the US many years ago and they were everywhere. In the UK you don't see them. Here in Aus, warmer overall, the critters flourish. Ergh. At least we only find the odd one in the house now and again. I figure it gives the geckos something to munch :biggrin:

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