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Unable to change address in immigov account

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    Hi there,


    this time I need help from you guys in order to change my address (and my partner will do the same).


    Immigov account easily created, that's done and dusted.


    But then the issue began: I'm not able to change my address online! It is stated on immigov that is should be possible to do it online. But no button/subject area available to do so. Arrggg!!!

    How can I do this? I'm on a PR visa since August 2011, living in Australia, just moved houses.


    Online is more convenient, don't want to print and fill in form 929 as it's very long.

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    Had an issue when applying for citizenship in that the acknowledgement letter address was incorrect. After scouring the website and searching up i came to the conclusion you can't do it thorough the account settings. In the end i gave them a call, all sorted in the space of a minute :)

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    In the meantime and with help from the mother site pomsinoz I know now that I don't have to fill in form 929. Thanks cribber for your advise, also an option.

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