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    Hello all,


    I am new to this site, so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I'm (hopefully) coming towards the end of my visa application, currently waiting for my skills assessment from VETASSESS for a "PR Professional". My migration agents, Migrate Me, have put me in for state sponsorship Perm residency for South Australia however, now they are saying that there might be a chance that in order to be granted the visa I will need to have a job offer.


    Could anyone recommend any recruitment agencies, preferably based in South Australia, who have a record of dealing with overseas job seekers?


    I am not overly confident in my migration agents - having already put me in as a PR Manager and failed - so any general advice would also be most welcome! It's been over a year and a half since I started the migration process.




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    Hello and welcome to the forum :)


    Your first few posts need to be approved by a mod and your PM system won't be active yet either. Takes a few more posts for that to kick in.


    I've moved this to the Jobs and Careers area of the forum and hopefully there will be someone along who can point you in the right direction. Until then it might be worth having a search of some older threads where people discuss recruitment and agencies.


    Good luck with it all :)

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    Hi Ross,


    I'm fighting with Vetassess and my migration agent too.. so I know your pain. I'm already in Adelaide on a working holiday, but my money is running out quickly.. when did you submit your details? My agent only managed to submit it on the 13th of October (I hired them in July) and in the end for free because they kept messing up. Told it's a 10-12 working week processing time.

    I've also now been told by my agent that I'm going to need to be sponsored so I'm on the hunt too (still hoping my agent is wrong and I will somehow get the 85 points I need - and feel I deserve haha - to be sponsored by SA). Though it really looks like spam I went ahead and bought this guide and would say that I actually found it quite helpful. There's a lot of 'obvious' things in there, but I found it helped me get a bit more organised and purely for the CV templates and cover letter templates it was worth it for me personally. is the obvious one for Australia but I'm not a fan :( bobinoz website is quite good generally and I know he has a job search thing on there as well so if you haven't been there that could be worth a look too.


    Keep in mind though that if you do need employer sponsorship you won't have to be in South Australia.. I'm saying this because the job situation is so bad here that if you're looking for employer sponsorship I think you're probably better off somewhere else. I'm sticking with SA for now until I get my points assessed and dreams shattered that I won't be sponsored by SA, and then I'll widen my search across Australia. I'm only doing that because I'm here already and trying to enjoy my time so don't want to feel like I'm not settled



    sorry for the waffle.. looks like I just needed to vent a bit haha

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