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    Hey guys,

    We have been here 2 years and love life here in Adelaide. In my 30's and looking to meet new people to start friendships, met some lovely people, but as I pretty much started work as soon as we arrived haven't really put ourselves out there to meet up.

    Really looking to meet some girlies for chats, drinks and girlie nights out, shopping etc. Really miss having a good network of friends around, for nights out, shopping etc.


    Either reply or pm me if anyone else out there wanting to meet up :) x

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    Dan I have PM you.


    Hellar I cannot pm you on here, maybe something to do with how long you have been a member on here. Not sure if you can pm anyone?


    Would be good to meet up with you and your wife. Let me know if you can't pm and I will send you my number to text.

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