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Visa 489 is this considered temporary resident for tax purposes

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    On a 489 visa which expires in dec 2016.


    Doing my first Aus Tax return and totally confused on whether I'm considered temporary resident or not, when it comes to the declaration of a small amount of UK income - BS interest.


    in ato gov related site :



    It would appear that as I'm living and working in Adelaide fulltime then I'm considered a resident for tax purposes

    But it then goes onto state




    • If you're an Australian resident for tax purposes:
      • You generally have to declare all income you earned both in Australia and internationally on your tax return.
      • However, if you have a temporary visa you're a temporary resident – this means most of your foreign income is not taxed in Australia and you don't declare it on your Australian tax return. You only declare income you derive in Australia, plus any income you earn from employment performed overseas for short periods while you are a temporary resident of Australia.




    • The Migration Act provides that a temporary visa is a visa to travel to and remain in Australia:
      • during a specified period
      • until a specified event happens
      • while the holder has a specified status.


    The 489 is for a specific 4 year period so seems to put me in the temporary visa category which i take as meaning I don't have to declare UK income, but can't find it detailed anywhere, to confirm


    Any 489 visa holders out there who have dealt with this ?




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