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Boxing Day forum meet up

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    It was suggested in another thread about perhaps seeing if there was interest in Boxing Day meet up for people on the forum. We've a few new arrivals, some arriving soon and others here a while who might enjoy a laid back get together somewhere on Boxing Day. Kids, no kids, young and old, its a day for friends and making new ones.


    We love Tusmore Park. Its a favourite of ours as it has a fab paddling pool for kids to splash in and is undercover. Also tennis courts, toilets, BBQ's, play area and lots of lovely green space and shade in a lovely part of Adelaide. People also take their own portable BBQ's as the public ones can get busy. Spent many a happy family get together there over the years. Just take your own loo roll as the public loos can run out on busy days :cute:




    Another suggestions would be for one of the beaches. Perhaps Seacliff way might appeal? Has a lovely play park, toilets and BBQ across the road from the beach so could cater for all there too. Pubs 5 minutes away also (not sure if open on Boxing Day though). And decent parking on street usually.



    Or somewhere in the Parklands around the CBD? Or the Botanical Gardens somewhere? Lots to choose from there.


    Or anyone else have any suggestions? Thoughts? Anyone even interested?


    We already have plans with family for Boxing day but hopefully others might want to take the opportunity to get together then.


    I'm happy to help organise in advance and people can post the food they'd bring etc and I can make a sort of list of it all. Or someone else orangise it on here, or a few of you put your heads together perhaps. If everyone brought a plate or some such there should be a nice mix of food. Drinks are your own usually. Stock up with an esky and some other picnic goodies.



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