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Builing up from a ground floor

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    Does anyone know of any good / reputable builders who build up anywhere in the Adelaide area, and who can just give a rough guesstimate of how much it may cost - without making comprehensive plans etc. Just wanting to know if firstly we can actually in fact afford to do this.


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    Are you looking to build a new home or extend an existing home? Is it a change from single storey to double storey?

    The sunday newspaper has a good supplement detailing many building companies and prices for new builds / different housing configurations.

    There are quite a few Brit builders that have moved here in the past few years. The recent ones may be looking for work while they process their builders licence...not really supposed to work for themselves but they do. Many may be happy to do work for a fixed daily rate.

    I have a builder staying at one of my homes at present. It may be quite difficult for him to quote as material costs etc will take a while to work out.

    They are on this site so they may contact you if they see this thread.

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    You had this posted already :)


    Thanks for that. It's just that, one building company wanted (understandably) money ie $100 to do a quote. But I just wanted a very rough quote, coz not sure at this stage we could in actual fact

    afford it. It's a ground floor and we are wanting another floor put on top either part or whole floor - depending on cost etc.,.

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