Experienced hospitality/retail worker looking for casual work over the summer

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    I have a young lady living with me who is over on a working holiday visa....circumstances have led her to be with us on a long term basis.


    She is 23 years old and is very experienced in hotel/hospitality and retail.


    If anyone knows of anything going please let me know!




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    hi - sorry I drop in and out of the forum these days but my husband is a chef at Cos 18 Leigh and they are always looking for decent wait staff over the summer so feel free to pm me or even better pop into the restaurant with you resume and ask for Michael. now is the time to grab the summer hospitality work so they are trained in the menu before the Xmas rush so I would just drop into a few in the city with resumes and essentialy pound the streets!! waitstaff jobs done get advertised in seek as they are normally casual and go very quickly through friends of friends etc so no point paying for advertising. good luck and if I can offer any advice it would be to brush up on australian wine knowledge as this is essential for any decent restaurant jobs

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