Returning to AUS on a 176 Visa.

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    Hi guys,


    Got a few questions that are causing my sister and I a bit of confusion.


    My Dad, Sister and me all have a 176 Subclass Perminant Residency visa "permitted to reside in australia indefinately"


    However, my sister has just come back from visiting Grandparents in the UK for 7 weeks and had left and returned after the indicated VISA expiry date 5 years from issue.


    She (and all of us) should have been aware of this prior to her planning travel but since my father and i have not left AUS once since arriving nor plan to before citizenship we didnt really think about it.


    She was issued with an emergency 773 TA by border force on arrival to Australia, and has been informed that she must apply for an RRV (Resident Return VISA) by the 19th Decemeber.


    Although this is the part that confuses me. If she has already been issued a temporary return visa and is now already back in australia, her 176 is what permits her to reside indefinately, the rrv is only required to return to AUS after the entry expiry on the 176.


    Question being what does she need to pay for a $360 RRV which only lasts 3 months when she has already been issued a temporary one, and her 176 already allows her to remain here.


    She has been in australia now for a total of more than 4 years excluding ocasional overseas family visits up to 2 months/year.


    She has already applied for and payed for the RRV. But pretty confused as to what it all means for her.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Your first few posts need to be approved by a moderator.


    I've moved this to Migration and hopefully someone with some knowledge of what you are asking will be along :)

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