UK Passport and dual Citizenship

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    Not sure where this thread should go - so put it in here.


    I have a sister who has been living over here in Adelaide for over 20 years.


    She used to keep up to date with her UK passport. But doesn't have one atm, just the Aussie one.


    Would she still be able to get a UK passport - is there a lapse period in getting one??


    Also, her daughter who was born here in Australia - would she be entitled to dual Citizenship or not with being born here and

    having British parents ?? I can seem to find this information out any other way - so thought I'd ask on here to see if anyone else

    has experienced this scenario situation.


    Thank you.

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    Sure she can still get a UK passport.




    All applications go to the UK now for processing.


    And yes, her daughter hopefully should qualify for UK citizenship. There is no citizenship by descent as there is in Aus, just the passport. She needs to go through the checklist to see if she is eligible but if both parents were UK born and UK citizens and migrated then she should be ok.



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