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    I was doing some research into a road trip and came across a website that relocates motorhomes (Drive Now); if you're flexible with dates and not too bothered about where you end up you can have a really cheap holiday; for example this week there's a 6 berth needing to go from Adelaide to Perth pick up on the 27th drop in Perth by 13th Dec for $5 a day with $100 free fuel, or a 4x4 from Alice Springs up to Cairns, same price but $250 free fuel.


    Hoping that they're still around in a few years when we're not so locked into school holidays.

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    weve done this sort of thing twice through Imoova, its great!


    First was the great Ocean Road to Melbourne over 4 days and then we did ADL to Alice Springs over 5 days via Cooper Pedy/Uluru. Both fantastic trips in different ways, I reckon the Alice trip was my pick.


    Cant fault it, if youre flexible with dates youre likely to get a route you want to do. Only downer is you can be pushed for time on some of them, which can mean the vast majority of your time spent driving. Look for those with an extra day or later drop off times as this can make a huge difference. When we dropped our motorhome at Melbourne the first time we asked the guy what it would have cost had we paid full price and my flabber was gasted :smile:

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