UK Self Assessment as Non-Resident Landlord - need help

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    Hi all


    Been ages since I last logged in - I have been in Adelaide 3 years now and when I migrated I rented out my UK flat and registered as a non-resident landlord with HMRC. I sold my flat last year in August and was about to start doing my last tax return online and was struggling a bit so called them to ask a few questions. I have been doing my tax returns online since I got here (so two in total now, about to do my third) and I was asked if I was using Third Party Software.... nope, not sure what that is. Long story short is that in order to do an online tax return as a non-resident, I was supposed to have got this special software that then tells them that you are non-resident.


    I don't remember seeing anything about this when I declared myself non-resident and I find it a bit confusing when the letter HMRC sends you gives you all the info and encourages you to do it on-line, but doesn't expressly state you need special software! And given that I had declared myself non-resident, surely they know that already??!


    Anyway, a list of suppliers are on the HMRC website and what I was wondering was if anyone is currently doing theirs with Third Party Software and would they recommend the one they are using? It's a big list, not sure how to pick other than the one at the top!


    And aside from that, any tips when you are completing your last return and dealing with the proceeds from a sale....? I am a little concerned about how much tax they are going to nail me for! At least I managed to ascertain on the phone that I do not pay Capital Gains. I could of course have done a paper return but have now missed the deadline.


    Thanks in advance to anyone who might have some useful advice!

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    Hey Mezzi,

    I have no experience of this, but I had a look on another forum and various users there said that they just printed off and sent it in, also some of them said the following third party software are easy to use:




    Good luck!

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