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Tamara (Homes Down Under)

From Alaska to Adelaide!

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OMG it's hot!


Complained about the horrid winter and now we have record temperatures :smile: At least we don't have the humidity....


I have guests staying with me who are from Alaska...they have gone from minus 10 to over 40 degrees!!!


Four days over 40C predicted for Adelaide





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ADELAIDE’S weather again looks set to be scorched into the record books, as top temperatures of 40C or higher are forecast for four days in a row.

Such an unbroken run of soaring forties in December has never been recorded in the city but, after a high of 41.1C at 3.19pm yesterday, today’s expected top is 42C, Friday’s is 41C and Saturday’s is 42C.

After a steamy night in which the mercury hovered around 30C, the temperature had already hit 36C at 9.30am.

Although similar four-day runs have been recorded in February, the current event would be the earliest in any summer since January 3-6, 1906.

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Matt Collopy said that “four days greater than a record of 40C in Adelaide has never happened in December since records began in 1887”.

“We had to go right back to 1906 to see that the earliest we had these temperatures in summer was in January, it looks like we’ll break that one,” he said.

He said a slow-moving high-pressure system sitting over the Tasman Sea to the east of Australia was causing the extreme temperatures.


A koala cools off beford joining his friends up in the trees. Picture: Jane RogersSource:Supplied

“The high hardly moves,” Mr Collopy said.

“There are other weak systems over the south of us, but they’re not bringing any southerly winds to relieve the hot conditions at the moment.

“The high is really stationary and it’s continuing to dominate the weather with a hot northerly airstream.”

But said there is some relief on the way on Saturday with a “cool” night-time change expected to drag Sunday’s maximum down to a more comfortable 30C.

“There is some variation in the timing of that change, but we believe it will come through around 9pm on Saturday night,” Mr Collopy said.

“Coastal areas will probably see cooler temperatures first as the cold front comes through off the southern ocean and brings up cold air from the south.

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Blimey, hope they are coping ok with it Tamara.


I read that at the airport they are handing out info to travellers from overseas about the current heatwave and the precautions etc to take during it.


We headed down to Glenelg last night for a dip and gelati before we went and checked out the Westminster lights and choir. Was a lovely evening.


I'm not sure we'll venture to the beach tonight as its going to stay hot and tbh I loathe that hairdryer hot heat in my face. Plus its the start of the T20 Big Bash and it'll be on TV. We can relax, scoff ice poles and the kids can run under the sprinklers :biggrin: The Strikers have their first game tomorrow I think.

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They are spending plenty of time in the pool!

The water level is dropping so much every day and the water tanks are all empty. I just need a couple of hours of a serious thunderstorm to pass overhead and all will be fixed!

I drove back from the airport last week and the water was shin deep in the gutters from a storm....for 5 km or more in the Glenelg area...bone dry just a few km away. I was also in Noarlunga at the shopping centre 2 days ago and it bucketed down for 15 minutes....just caught the side of it in Port Noarlunga which helped the garden but needed more. Can you believe that rain on a weather forecast is a good thing!

I was in Bunnings yesterday and they were handing out bottles of water. They have had customers and staff collapsing from the heat!


Have to be honest though...give me the heat any day compared to the cold. :wink:

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Stupid question, but.. have you emigrated from Alaska ?


No! It may have sounded like it though. The guests are renting a property that I have in Christies Beach. They are here on a business trip with a view to moving here permanently...a reccie if you like.

Nope, originally from Preston but did have spell in Cape Town before moving here....:biggrin:


They have announced that tomorrows temperature forecast will be 44 degrees! OMG, that's seriously hot.

I was in the city during the week and the temperature was much hotter than where I live. We will likely be a few degrees cooler due to being by the sea but it's still going to be stinking hot!:frown:

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The world gets ever smaller, we are from Ormskirk just a few miles away from Preston - you probably know it. We have Freddie Flintoff over here atm with the Big Bash and i know he's from Preston. Missing the weather in the UK - complained about it there. I'm like the woman in the vinegar bottle ha ha!!

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