I made the move 5 years ago and love it

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    Hey Ladies and Gents,


    Thought I had better introduce myself...

    I made the move to Aus 5 years ago and I absolutely love it.

    This forum has been such a fantastic source of help and advice for me (long time lurker) so am happy to be able to give back.

    I came here on my own in 2011 and managed to find work, a place to live and make plenty of friends. Don't get me wrong, it was very scary and daunting but I am so glad that I did it. It hasn't always been sunshine and roses: I've been out of work a fair bit (I have never managed to have a permanent job, only ever contract), but I have made it work.

    I am a single 30 something lass with no children...but if anyone would like to meet a new friend or if anyone is feeling a little lonely or shy then give me a PM or post on this thread: I am always keen for a cuppa and a chat.



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    Thank you for posting this...so important to hear of the positive moves especially when there are doom and gloom merchants giving their side of things.

    Great offer to meet and give support...that's wonderful.

    What general area are you in? It's not that important as you can get right across the city in about 45 minutes but there may be people close by you.

    This forum does offer great support and a search of the past articles / experiences are still so useful.

    All the best!

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    Hello and welcome. As said, always good to see a lurker come out and say hello :)


    Nice to hear your story and hope we hear more in the future.

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    Hi Again,


    You have done very well and I can see that this forum and the people on here are a great help and also hopefully a place to meet new friends as I believe this is a big part in settling in to a new life.

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