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I wish someone had explained this to me when I arrived:


-there are over 350 suburbs in Adelaide.


-many have very similar names (such as Marsden and Marden etc etc)


-many have no relationship whatsoever to their UK counterparts (Felixstowe, for instance, is nowhere near the sea, and Picadilly is nowhere near the CBD)


-in addition to the "City of Adelaide" there are a whole bunch oh local councils that insist on calling themselves cities. A lot of these have re-amalgamated over the last twenty years (-such as "The City of St Peters, Norwood and Payneham" ) .These Cities often include very small suburbs that are not mentioned in the title.


Some suburbs are dissected by major arterial routes, and are really quite different from one part to the other.


So, If you are buying a property, try this : get a good map ( -not a UBD), sit down, and work out


-where the work is

-where the schools are

-what are the transport options

-where the shopping is etc etc


Then use your map to look for property, and not a list of (-often meaningless-) suburb names


John B :swoon:

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I was saying this to my partner just this week that I just don't get all these councils calling themselves cities. As far as I know, in the UK a place has to have a cathedral to be called a city doesn't it?

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