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    Hello I'm a lift engineer from the UK I'm looking to move to Adelaide just wondering what work is like there at the moment and any tips on visas would be handy to

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    There is a slowdown on the work front in South Australia at the moment...but I don't know if it relates to your specific job field.

    Some of the lift companies (Schindler for example) have a careers / job section on their web sites. It might be worth your while to send an enquiry to sound out prospective vacancies.

    When we were migrating here we attended a seminar hosted by a migration company. They offered one on one follow up consultations (for a fee) and we were fortunate to receive invaluable info that made the journey here possible for my family. Many people do decide to submit their own visa applications though, but an initial consult with someone in the know in the early stages may put you on the right path. There is a wealth of info on this site and contributions from migration agents so hopefully they can also answer questions for you.

    All the best with your journey!

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