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    Hi All


    Firstly I wanted to introduce myself so hi! I am looking to migrate with my husband and our two children (aged 6 & 8). This is an 8 year journey for us so far and we've finally managed to submit our EOI and are now waiting to be invited to apply.


    My husband is a pipe fitter by trade and has been assessed for Metal Fabricator and passed. I am a qualified Social Worker currently working as a Children Services Worker specialising in family contact. We're both on the SOL however as the Australian Social Work degree is 4 years it's difficult to get passed on a 3 Year one and I only graduated in 2014. We were also given wrong advice that my husband was not eligible however in September last year I decided to check again and it turned out he had one month left of being eligible for the skills assessment so luckily we managed to get it done in time!


    We nearly went out to Australia last year as my husband was offered a job with a 457 visa however right at the last minute it was taken away from us, it was devastating!


    Hoping we are finally on the right path now, can't take anymore heartache.


    is there anyone else out there at the same stage as us? Or going for/gained a visa for metal fabricator?



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