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    Hi Guys.

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

    I am in Dilemma as since last 2 days i received so many call from an IT co. found my CV somewhere from online database and offered me a Accounting Business Analyst position. They said i have to go for some trainship programme first in order to learn some skills for this position such as SDLC, FSD, BRD etc and want me to pay around US$700 which they said is refundable as in the past so many people after getting trainiship joined other companies and his client is unhappy due to this so they have decided to charge that fee and refund this along with first salray.

    I am wondering if anyone at forum have any Idea about this Company or heard anything ever.

    I am feeling like this is a kind of Scam.

    I am sending a link for this if anyone can advise me whether to go with this or not.


    Thanks Guys

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    Do a search on this company and you can then make up your own mind. There's plenty of info on them, mostly bad. After all, why would a legitimate company ask for money to train you?

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