year 11 and 12

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    Welcome to the forum. Just so you are aware your first few posts will not appear until they have been approved.


    It might he get responses if you are a bit clearer about what kind of feedback you are looking for. Are you interested in potential schools or if anyone else has experience of moving children of that age in to schools here for example?

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    To help get you started there is this thread



    Much will depend on where you settle as state high schools are zoned. Any idea of that or is it still be to be decided or are you going to find schools you like then try to rent/buy in the area?

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    Hi we are moving from Perth and my son is going into year 11. Any feed back would be great txs


    Sounds like a good point to transition. SACE is Years 11/12, so he'll start at pretty much the same point as everyone else.


    That said, I believe there are two compulsory elements that have to be covered before you can get your SACE - the Personal Learning Project (PLP) and the Research Project. The schools I've been in tend to get the PLP out of the way in Year they do the PLP as part of the WACE? I guess the school will let you know if your son has anything that can be transferred for SACE points.


    Is that the kind of info you were after?


    Week 0 starts next week, although some schools will be open for fee-payments this week. Is he going to a 'normal' school, or to one of the Year 11 uni-attached schools?


    Wishing him fun times,


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