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Jeep Cherokee or Subaru Outback ?

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Hi All Car experts,

I am planning to buy a new car and want to choose from one Cherokee or Outback.

I would really like to go for Jeep - but everybody around me suggesting Jeep is not reliable and maintenance is expensive. On the other hand Subaru is reliable and less expensive maintenance.


Before I go for one - can you guys suggest anything in perspective to Adelaide ?

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Depends on your needs and how much room you want. Adelaide is mostly a grid of sealed roads and traffic lights with a few freeways going out of the city. If you are planning on the occasional dirt track or towing anything I am sure both will perform but as you have already mentioned, the Jeep has a pretty poor track record. Personally I'd go for the Subaru. If you are planning to do lots of towing, off road driving, etc you are better off looking at something like a Land Cruiser or a Patrol (though they are very expense brand new). Another option is the Isuzu MUX - very capable four wheel drive 7 seater with a tough diesel engine that will handle anything you can throw at it. It's the four wheel drive I plan to get once they age a bit and there are a few more on the second hand market.

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I am no car expert but there was a time that we were looking at a Jeep and did some research.

They have suffered quite a decline in sales recently. They have an image problem around reliability and after sales service. When customers publicly destroy their vehicles it harms the brand!

My choice would likely be the Subaru.

I would be influenced by other factors: where are the dealerships / service centres / fixed price serviceing / loan vehicles / warranty period.

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You see a fair amount of Mitsubishi Outlanders around as well - which are a well proven, good all rounder. Def haggle as much as you can between dealers - there are big savings to be made, especially if you have a couple of options.

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I've not driven either here but have driven both in the past (on a farm so 4WD used). I'd not touch a Jeep again tbh. Subaru every time although its a car/wagon over the big 4WD things.


And agree with Zebedee, if you are wanting to do off roading, there are other options I'd suggest you consider first. Though ff its just for driving around and about and the odd bit of dirt road etc, I'd go the Subaru.

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I was always very happy with my Subaru, around Adelaide, The Flinders and Interstate:


-much lighter to drive over soft surfaces,relatively quiet and economical,easy to park


-one thing though ...the horizontal flat four engine has big ends that can wear if you aren't real careful with your lubrication ( -easily sorted by adding teflon additives to reduce wear on start-up)


Even when we lived in The Pilbara didn't need the 4WD on my LandCruiser much (-although the extra ground clearance was handy)


if I went that way again, I'd probably chose an early model Hilux diesel


whatever you buy...chose a light colour, avoid black (vinyl) interiors, check the A/C and cooling are sufficient for your needs


JB :swoon:

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