Back to school on Monday

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    Have to say, its been a wonderful summer holiday in our house. Lots of leave for husband and myself so we kicked back, chilled with family and friends often and had some lovely days out. We didn't go away as we had a trip back to England in July for a month so that was our holiday this year and we are away in the next school holiday also.


    Favourite things from this summer holiday


    * Deadly 60 Live

    * Tour Down Under (we scored 3 team bottles to add to the collection, 3 hats and son met 6 Aussie cyclists, got their signatures and pictures with them). Went to 4 stages and nipped up the hill to see them go past a few times.

    * The Tiger Who Came To Tea play (for kids)

    * T20 Big Bash on New Years Eve. Brilliant game and kids loved it. What a final few overs!

    * Our days spent hiking in Kuitpo forest with the dog in tow. Packed lunch and drinks, wandered for hours. So peaceful and plan to go again in the autumn.

    * Beach House for a mad 2 hours on all the things. Water slides were the big winner.

    * Beach days (well, more early morning to mid morning and then hitting the new Glenelg foreshore playpark. So good to have such a wonderful play area down there now. Really gives it an appeal to spend a morning or afternoon there more often now.

    * Christmas Day with the family. Roast lamb dinner and great company.

    * Father in laws swimming pool on hot days. Was fab to nip over and have a dip.

    * Seeing 3 koalas in one tree, all within 10 ft of each other.

    * Having an relaxing 2 week break over Christmas and new year and being able to kick back and enjoy it. Glorious weather (a bit hot some days but hey) and able to enjoy longer days more fully and feeling like we'd had a proper break. Christmas in England with its shorter darker days and colder weather, never wanted to take a 2 week holiday then to just kick back at home :cute:


    There is more but those are the main things that sprung into my mind as I was writing.

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    It has been a good break!

    You seem to have been active. :smile:


    The main highlight of my grand children's break was when we took them camping over christmas. Decided to do something different this year, bought a tent and took 4 of them to Renmark for a week. Everyone said that we were brave (mad!0 but it was a wonderful time. Great memories and a totally different way to spend the Christmas break. :notworthy:

    Planning next years trip already!

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