Looking to meet other couples with kids around 9+4 in Woodcroft area

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    Morning :)


    We've a few out that way but not sure if they have been on the forum since you posted. Hopefully there are some others new to Adelaide or in your area that would like to meet up.


    We are 15 minutes or so away from you but rarely travel south for stuff these days. Are your kids into sport at all? I can suggest perhaps checking out some local Little Athletics clubs or some such as I've found loads of the people that go are Brits and parents help out lots so you soon meet people. Our local LA club you can pay by the session if you don't want to join for the year now or its to try it out and see for a few weeks or mid season. Also T20 Milo cricket might be worth doing? Although not sure but your 9 year old may be too old. Local BMX track is good too. Can just go whip round on the bikes anytime apart from when they are racing. Its over at Happy Valley oval. Or you could try the one at Hallet Cove.


    School is starting tomorrow so hopefully you'll meet a few people that way and kids will make some new local friends.


    We are busy the coming few weekends too and with back to school and stuff we don't have much time in the week till it all settles down. We've 3 nights a week doing sports clubs or swimming and then weekends are a bit full on for a while but that should ease off too. Saying that, footy season is just around the corner and my life becomes a mass of muddy kit, dirty boots and training and games for the son and husband taking up at least 4 nights/days over the whole week! :goofy: I'm just the taxi driver and cheerleader squad :cute:

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